Undelete Data With Data Recovery Freeware

There are several causes for data loss. They include mistaken deletion, accidental format, virus infection, data transmission error and hardware corruption. It’s most irritating when the files or partition becomes so badly infected with virus that we have to delete the files or format the partition. We clear away virus sometimes in this way, but how do we get back our lost files? Continue reading

Windows Data Recovery Freeware

iCare Data Recovery Free is the data recovery application for personal users. It recovers documents, photos, audios, vidoes, and archive files on various kinds of storage media including hard disks, external hard disks, SD memory cards, CF memory cards and memory sticks (also known as USB flash drive or pen drive). Specifically, this software is FREE! Continue reading

Data Recovery Software Review

iCare Data Recovery Free is a free data recovery tool dedicated to help personal computer users recover their lost files. It covers a wide range of files, including photos, documents, audios, videos, and archives. It supports all common formats for each of these categories. For example, iCare Data Recovery Free recovers different kinds of photos, the jpg, bmp, tiff, png, gif, etc; it also helps you get back camera raw images (images only supported by that particular camera brand). The software recovers data from internal and external hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. Continue reading

Free IPod Mp3 Mp4 Recovery Software Introduction

Many of us possess an iPod, Mp3 or Mp4. We use them to enjoy songs or study a foreign language. Because they are professional audio players, their performance is better than the best music mobile phone. Because we keep many audio files in these devices, it’s important for us to keep them secure, and to bring them back if they are lost accidentally.

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Memory Stick Data Recovery Tutorial – Free

Memory Stick is the most important portable removable storage medium we use regularly. Unlike memory cards, which are designed for digital devices, memory stick is solely dedicated to keeping your important files with you. Generally it can’t be connected to a cell phone or digital camera because that’s not the purpose. Memory Stick does not aim at transferring files from digital devices to computer. Its only purpose is portable storage. Just think how professional and powerful it is! Memory Stick has large storage capacity up to 16 GB and fast read-write speed. Memory cards are prone to damage but Memory stick is strong and durable. And memory sticks are cheaper than cards. Memory Stick is also called USB flash drive, Pen drive, etc. You can find it in your local store or on eBay.

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Free Photo Recovery Software

“I have to recover my disk in digital camera, please help me to recover my photos.” –Mary

“Error message reads I have to format before using. Please help” –Pink

“I was going to make a Windows 7 in USB drive but by mistake all files gone to SD card so I lost all the photos, if you have any idea please help me.” –Amrita Continue reading

Free Memory Card Recovery Software Released

iCare Recovery, a data recovery utility development software company recently has announces new release of free recovery software for memory card that are mostly used on digital camera, cellphone and other devices. iCare Card Recovery Free is able to restore 2GB data off memory card including photos, video files, office files etc. Continue reading

Free Flash Drive Data Recovery Software

It’s very convenient for us to carry our important files with us under the help of flash drives. In fact, both memory cards and USB Flash drives use flash storage technology. The advancement of technology enables us to store large volume of data in these storage media and assists us in working and studying. Therefore it’s important for us to keep files safe in the storage media. And whenever you lost files, iCare Data Recovery software comes to your rescue.

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Free Compact Flash Card Data Recovery Software

Compact Flash Card or CF card in short, is one of the most popular memory cards that are widely used by digital cameras, camcorders, music players and game consoles. As the name suggests, CF card is compact in memory and has very big storage capacity. We can store many photos, videos, and audios on the card. But have you ever suffered from the hassle of data loss? Have you ever lost your favorite photos or working related documents on your CF card? If so, please read on, and we have nice suggestion for you. Continue reading